What can you do on this website?

This website allows players from all World of Tanks regions to generate a custom account based modpack based on their tank statistics. This modpack contains track skins in the XVM colors displaying the statistics of that exact vehicle. These skins are only visible for yourself! The modpack is compact and will only contain tanks that you have played before in order to save on filesize.

How does it work?

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Click the 'Create modpack' button in the top-menu, after this you select the server you are playing on and enter your nickname. Now simply a matter of pressing the submit button and your modpack will be created. Make sure to be patient as for accounts with a lot of tanks, it can take a longer time to generate the modpack.



Top 15 languages (Client language on EU)

# Language (tag) Amount (%)
1 Polish (PL) 1.693.275 (21.8%)
2 English (EN) 1.185.254 (15.3%)
3 German (DE) 1.111.387 (14.3%)
4 Czech (CS) 838.904 (10.8%)
5 French (FR) 695.158 (8.9%)
6 Hungarian (HU) 386.330 (5.0%)
7 Turkish (TR) 341.534 (4.4%)
8 Romanian (RO) 191.425 (2.5%)
9 Dutch (NL) 190.992 (2.5%)
10 Spanish (ES) 182.730 (2.4%)
11 Serbian (SR) 150.342 (1.9%)
12 Croatian (HR) 117.763 (1.5%)
13 Italian (IT) 110.154 (1.4%)
14 Bulgarian (BG) 86.894 (1.1%)
15 Finnish (FI) 76.825 (1.0%)

This is based on accounts with at least 1 battle.

About me

My name is Kevin 'TheDeadZone' van Huit, I'm a 20 year old gamer/programmer.

I've been playing World of Tanks since the end of 2011 and professionally since 2014. Having played in teams as Cplay, WASD Gaming, Penta Sports, Kazna and Oops since then. During my time as professional player my interest was gained into modding WoT. Starting to experiment with simple map mods, to tank skins and further on to a big project like this has become.

I study Media technology which basicly means that I programm websites. Hopefully you will be excited by the end result and be using it yourself in-game! Thank you for taking your time in reading this and hope to see you on the battlefield.

To find out more about me, checkout the social media section at the bottom of the page.

Random battle stats EU (Last update 11.06.2017)

Avg amount of trees cut per player 2272,88
Avg amount of battles per player 2548,44
Avg amount of trees cut per player per battle 0,89
Avg global rating per player 1956,36
Total trees cut 17.655.934.176
Total battles fought 19.796.513.536

Website stats

Amount of page visits 1285
Amount of custom mod packs generated 3

Frequently Asked Questions

After generating a modpack here, you simply have to unzip the file in the res_mods folder of the right version of the game. As this is written that would be ''. As example Games/World_Of_Tanks/res_mods/, make sure the vehicles folder is dropped in here. Everything will be good to go for you to play the game!
This is because the mod pack does not update itself, you can delete the old /res_mods/ folder and simply generate a new modpack here with the updated statistics.
If you encounter any issues with the mod make sure to submit it on the feedback page so I can get to it and fix it as soon as possible. Feedback page can be found in the top menu or here.